Zeitgeist was established in the fall of 2010 as an independent Danish wristwatch company. In the best watchmaking tradition we started out in a rural village in the middle of the countryside - to be more precise; in a former railway station in Høng, Denmark.

Hope To Inspire

We don’t believe that making a wristwatch will save the world, but hopefully Zeitgeist can be catalytic for a more accessible watch manufacturing industry in Denmark and be an inspiration for other creative men and women who want to manufacture locally.

At Zeitgeist we are madly in love with the fine art of watchmaking and we strive to craft timepieces you want to keep.

We believe that taking active part in development and manufacturing creates the best and most original watches.

At Zeitgeist you will always find a carefully composed selection of refined and reliable wristwatches - showing nothing but time.

The Zeitgeist Team

We are a bunch of friends who come from as different backgrounds as landscape architecture, dentistry, watchmaking and engineering. After years of working with, and learning about horology, we began to know what an attractive timepiece was made of, and to know how we could contribute to the fine watch tradition.

Thoughtful and Authentic

We believe that a good timepiece should be thoughtful and tell an authentic story. We find inspiration in our scandinavian heritage as well as the present spirit and refine it by adding a little something new. Moreover, we believe it is important to have a recognisability in our designs, which is why we keep a continuity and simplicity in use of shapes, colours and materials.

Reliable and Refined

The reliability and timekeeping of the watch is of utmost importance to us. That is why we only use well-tested high quality, self-winding movements, provided by renowned, Swiss manufacturers. This way we ensure serviceability for local watchmakers anywhere in the world, and we reduce the period of time you have to live without your timepiece in the event of aftercare.

Kick-starting the danish watch industry

To be able to craft exactly the watches we want, we knew it was important to take active part in the entire process of bringing the watches to life.

Today manufacturing of dials, acrylic crystals, straps and engravings, is performed in collaboration with our partners in Denmark. Our in-house activities take place in Copenhagen where we design, develop, assemble, test, and finish all of our watches.

We are proud to say that we probably are the most danish manufactured wristwatches today.

We were challenged by that there has not been wristwatch manufacturing in Denmark for more than a century, so Denmark had no particular local watch industry for us to engage.

Driven by this challenge and a strong pioneering spirit we have initiated local collaborations with various specialists within crafts, fine-mechanics and educational institutions on our way to manufacture our timepieces.